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Sign Production Checklist

Things to think about before ordering a new sign:

  1. Use of your sign: Are you directing, informing, or selling?
  2. Display time and conditions: Temporary or permanent? Indoors or outdoors?
  3. Image you want to project: Professional? Sophisticated? Youthful? Fun?
  4. How should it coordinate with your other graphics and advertising?
  5. Your target customers: Whose attention do you want to attract?
  6. Viewing distance: How far will readers be from the sign?
  7. How long will they have to read it?
  8. Mounting your sign: Where will the sign be displayed? How will it be attached?
  9. Will you need the approval of a landlord or local municipal authority?
  10. What message do you want to convey in your copy?
  11. Do you have special logo or layout requirements? What colours work well together?
  12. What is your budget?
Printable Production Checklist